Got leaves?  Get raked!

Landscaping helpers offer leaf raking by the hour. 

Landscaper helpers serving greater Asheville & Hendersonville, NC

We show up when you want us, not when we feel like it. The old fashioned way.

What is this service all about?

This service is hosted by a Licensed General Contractor. We had difficulty finding a landscaper helper to clean up some job sites. Now we help match those looking for short term work with homeowners looking to get leaves raked. Bonded and insured. We pay a decent wage and charge fair price. 

10% discount for Veterans and 55+ Senior Citizens


If we can't make it after deposit & confirmed,
we'll refund what you paid plus $100!*

When you just need it done...

Tired of the runaround, just need a landscape helper to help you rake?

How many rakers do you need?

4 hour blocks $37.50/hour per raker + $37.50 trip fee. 

We usually recommend at least two rakers.  There is a 4 hour minimum per raker at each location.

Fully Bonded & Insured

Proof of Coverage Provided on request with Deposit

Rakers covered by General Liability, Workers Compensation & Bonded

Refundable Deposit Required

Fully refundable deposit required when scheduling

All work is billed in advance and must be prepaid when scheduling.

Licensed General Contractor

Vetted, licensed, reliable management.

While this service is sponsored by a Licensed NC General Contractor, contracting services are not included.

Would a leaf blower be more efficient?

Many people certainly think so, but a simple rake is efficient enough for most small to medium jobs.  Less noisy and much better on the environment.  If you have a leaf blower, our rakers are happy to operate.  Or we can refer you to local equipment rental locations where customer can pre-arrange to pickup a blower and have on-site ready when we arrive.

We only bring OURSELVES and a RAKE.

No other tools, equipment, bags, or tarps are included or available.  Customer should make arrangements to have anything beside a one raker and a rake on-site before arrival. We can recommend equipment or tool rental locations where customer can make arrangements to directly rent.

We're not sure how much time is needed.

If you're not sure how much time is needed, or do not have any supplies or equipment you think are needed, we recommend you contact a local landscaper.  We can recommend excellent local landscapers for your project!  We only offer leaf rakers.

...and willing to pay the price.

Honest work for honest pay, we'll rake the way.

Leaf Raking Service

How does it work?

1. Request no-obligation Reservation (Below)

2. We'll email you availability & invoice within 48 hours.

3. Pay for service & we'll confirm

Once you're scheduled, we'll be there with our rakes! Please be sure to have any other equipment or supplies ready for us upon arrival.

 Terms:  We require pre-payment for the number of rakers with rakes and time.  Rakers cannot do anything other than leaf or landscaping debris removal. We do not offer general landscaping but can refer you to others. We cannot guarantee anything besides raker shows up with a rake and works for the amount of time paid for.  If raker does not show up, or does not complete the shift, we'll refund the entire amount paid. 

Frequently Asked Leaf Raking Questions

Whats your company name, can I contact someone by phone?

We'll contact you by email after request submitted. We're happy to answer any questions you might have by email prior to making any payment. Once invoice is paid, our company name and contact information is included with appointment confirmation. Cancel anytime up to 24 hours before reservation for a full refund.

We're not in the landscaping business. We're not charging enough to support pre-sales support or estimates.  Many professional landscapers quote $75 to $150 per hour per employee, then complete the job in as little as 1/3 the time while charging the full price.  That's $225 to $450 per hour per guy!!  Of course that includes enough in the rate to pay for someone to answer pre-sales questions and provide estimates, or bring equipment.  We charge $37.50 and that's the real rate for the actual hourse we work, which doesn't give us room to provide much pre-sales support. It's basically break-even for our company.

We offer this service as an opportunity to pay a decent wage for a fair price for leaf raking service. We send the number of requested leaf rakers, for the number of hours paid for, for the number of hours requested, just like an employment agency.  We take out the headache of finding the vendors, we're just there.  If you aren't satisfied, don't order us again or ask for a refund. 

Do you offer other landscaping services?

No.  We only offer leaf raking service.  However, we can refer you to other landscaping, grading, excavation, plumbers, electricians, foundation contractors.  Please send us a message with your needs.

What areas in North Carolina do you offer service?

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are a LICENSED & INSURED North Carolina General Contractor.  Credentials provided upon request.

Why is a General Contractor offering leaf pickup services?

The labor market has been interesting in the last few years, to say the least.  After looking to subcontract landscaping services for our own projects for weeks, unsuccessfully, we decided to start this service.  Besides having trouble getting return phone calls, we had landscapers no-show for quotes, commit to job then cancel at the last minute, and ghost us when asking for proof of insurance.  

The truth is, this isn't rocket science, and it shouldn't cost $125/hour to rake your leaves.  Anyone we send you will be a subcontractor or from a local employment agency, not in-house staff. But you get the convenience of quick service and fixed cost without the runaround.

Who is coming to rake my leaves?

We work with various subcontractors including other businesses and temporary employment agencies.  We are not sending employees of our company.

When can I get someone scheduled?

We can usually schedule within 5 business days.  Please request quote and provide information on number of crew, location and job description.

Do you hire subcontractors or work with employment agencies?

YES! Please submit message above with details about your company, scheduling and pay requirements and insurance information.  Any contractors we refer work to must have their own General Liability insurance and provide a W9.

Do you refer to other trades and landscapers?

YES! Please submit message above with details about your company, scheduling and pay requirements and insurance information.  Any contractors we refer work to must have their own General Liability insurance.

Are services and work product guaranteed?

We offer raking services. We guarantee personnel will be on-site and work for duration of time you paid for, but cannot guarantee you'll be happy with the work.  Customer required to determine how much time and number of rakers required to complete work, or for a prepaid non-refundable $100 fee we can send out an estimator. Work at the direction of the client. If client feels our services are no longer needed, no refunds. If we show up with functional rakes and number of crew requested, our fees are fully earned upon arrival, unless raker is not acceptable.

*How does your $100 guarantee work?

If we can't start the job after quoting and receiving a deposit, we'll refund your payment plus $100. Excludes delays due to equipment breakdown, material/supply issues, weather, pollution, theft, terrorism, civil unrest, riots, explosions, acts of nature, pandemic, doctor-certified illness, code/law violations, rescheduling with 24-hour notice, or outside referrals.

Outside Referrals: We value your time and, with your permission, may refer your request to an unaffiliated contractor. You'll work with them directly, and our guarantee doesn't apply. Please verify their license, insurance, references, and experience before proceeding.

An Equal Opportunity Employer including veteran/disability.